If you are a big fan of a soccer club, there is no way you miss the game. I am not, well I used to be when I was in high school, but I managed to watch them. For the euphoria, the adrenalin, the nationalism…for fun 😀
I know it’s kinda late now. Trust me, I’m trying to get these published as soon as the game finished. But being a mommy like me, things don’t always work like we want it to be.

So, here they are: photos from ARSENAL VS INDONESIA, held on Sunday July 14th, 2013 at Stadiun Utama Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta. All photos are taken by me, using Canon EOS 550D, lens 70-300 mm.


#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar (2)

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar (1)

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar (4)

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar Gol 5

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar (5)

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar (8)

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar (6)

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar (7)

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar (8)

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar (9)

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar (10)

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar Gol 1

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar (11)

#ArsenalTour2013 @vinabutarbutar (12)

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