Return to Papua

Let me tell you the story behind the photo of a boy picking up his sister in the rain (among the photos)…

We were eating boiled corns and talking in several directions due to language barrier – Dani-Indonesia-Dani – when this boy got up suddenly and ran quickly outside. Glad I had my camera ready at the moment ’cause in this rich country, you’ll never know what you might see. And look at the joyful view; apparently he was picking up his baby sister who was playing outside alone. I still remember the sound of their laughter as he ran in the rain. We were all laughing too just to share their joy…


Wamena is a district in Papua whose beauty of nature has captured my heart since a decade ago. Over time the reality breaks my heart to see most of my brothers and sisters there don’t have enough access to many things; good education, income generator, clean water, and are many times used for the rich people’s benefits and political agendas.

[click on each photo to entertain your eyes *wink]

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