hitung berkat

Tiap orang punya ‘song of the month’

lagu yang terus terngiang di kepala,

tersenandungkan di mulut tanpa disadari.

‘Count your blessings’ jadi lagu saya bulan ini…

tiap hari saya mulai dengan menysukuri keluarga kecil saya – berkat terindah dari Sang Pencipta
apa yang kamu syukuri hari ini?

[apa song of the month-mu?]


Everyone has their own ‘theme song of the month’
the one that keeps playing in your head
the song that you always hum out of your will
Well, mine happened to be ‘count your blessings’
I am thankful to be blessed with my little family – they are in the top of the Creator’s blessings for me
What are you thankful for today?
[do you have your ‘theme song of the month?]

tomohon, April 19, 2020

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