upside down! jump!

“Mom, suddenly I imagine the world is upside down,” my 9 years old daughter started a discussion yesterday. We were quite busy with our own activities seconds earlier on the dining table which transforms into multiple function these days. Perhaps she finished her writing-task, I thought. I was about to finish my article. Next to my laptop is a cup of warm delicious coffee. I sipped it.

“Hmmm…I wonder what would happen to my coffee,” I asked her, dig deeper and sharpened her mind as the discussion went on. Just like that, she came up with a bunch of ideas and innovation which perhaps has been piling up each second having been quarantined for quite some time.

As I went thorough these photos, I remember our conversation in which I told her that I too, in my childhood, once had wild imagination about the world, culture in the unknown places. For example; I imagined people somewhere out there greet each other with something else, could be their foot. Or speak in reverse meaning, and many others. Later on when I was in college, I found out that one of my childhood imaginations was actually exists in a country. Then I told her,”Its’ a wonderful thing to imagine things. Keep doing it! You never know you may find them someday.”

As for now, I am reminded of one simple thing; to take our time and allow ourselves seeing things from different angles  – upside down, higher place or even with eyes closed. You might be surprised of the new understanding it gives you. Try it! And may your spirit always jump as light as a happy soul that even coronavirus can’t bring it down!

Tomohon, May 2020

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